Bad Boys...

So your probably getting a good picture of the both of us if your reading our blogs, correction my wife’s blog. I’ve been given permission to write my own on this occasion so here goes.

So let’s get geeky and talk bikes, cycling, stat’s and naturally, cycling. My first road bike was a orange BSA Eddy Meyrcx 10 speed that I got at the tender age of 13, I used it for commuting to school and towing my surfboard with a home made cart. Living in Wales not many people knew who the bloody hell Eddy was so most people asked me “Why didn’t you have your own name on it?”

Obviously now having a welsh Tour de France winner with Geraint Thomas from team Sky just about the whole of Wales knows not only G but Eddy now as well.

It was a strange start to my love of cycling and all things bike related, sadly a brief one as cars and women came along and spoiled it, but needless to say that touch paper was lit and glowed for many years in the background, I had again a brief encounter with the inevitable launch of MTB’s, until I rediscovered it 20 years ago, oh my how it had changed, I got chatting to a work colleague Jon Ellis about bikes, who was off the radar with his bike obsession. I think at that time he had 9 or 10 bikes.

I decided I’d buy a hybrid as it seemed to tick all the boxes as they say, Cannondale BADBOY was on my shopping list, Matt black, disc breaks and a bloody lovely little mover, used it for commuting 5 days a week 12 miles round trip 52 weeks a year. That was it, I was back, cycling was my drug, my release, my meditation and my mental sanctuary, from that point it was re-educating myself about all the things I’d learnt and loved about bikes and cycling.

The old race I used to watch was called The Milk Race now called Tour of Britain. The Tour de France was enjoying massive audiences both live and on TV as was the Giro de Italia, the spring classics were bigger and better than I ever remembered. Reynolds tubing was Carbon fibre, Titanium or Aluminium, not only that but Campagqnolla was rivalled by Shimano and Sram. This was a massive change in the whole cycling world, I was finding it all a bit daunting. So what next, yep join the local cycling club YCC and get a new road bike.

Fast forward to today, So here I am sat on my patio in rural France, the department of the Charente, looking at blue sky’s setting up a cycling holiday business in France, my current bikes are a Cervelo R3 with Sram Etap, Zipp 404 wheels and Zipp SL Carbon bars, Cannondale supersix Evo I had custom painted to my own design. I live for my quality cycling clothing, Rapha, Cafe du Cycliste, Bont, PONGO London, POC, Fizik, Le Col and Rudy Project.

As a technical geek I love the stats, Garmin, Strava and obviously Zwift via a Tacx smart trainer, sometimes I’ll take as long analysing my data as I have been out for my ride.

So now when I think back to my old steel BSA the nostalgia of steel frames will never leave me, I have a Stan Pike which I use for coffee rides of around 20 miles that is a joy, it’s that big solid feeling as you drop down a hill on steel you will always feel safe and steady, however on the same hill with a carbon bike it like wrestling with a wild animal, but depending on what you want to do on the bike that day will reflect the way you ride and which bike you ride. One of my greatest pleasures now is meandering along the French countryside with my wife Ellie on her Electric bike, I know we have all poo pooed them but they have there place and to be honest if it means I get to cycle with my wife then that’s it as far as I’m concerned. To see her smiling face with the wind in her hair and the sun shining on her face makes my day, I have tried her ebike and in my opinion - loved it, I’m sure in my old age I’ll be happy to spin up the Col du Tourmalet on an ebike.

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