It's good to be back...

I LOVE Lizant. It's the sweetest village just up the road from Moutardon about 6km away.

The perfect bike ride distance for me! We are off to the local 'pub' tonight and as we approach just on the bridge I stop at my usual place and glance beyond the purple petunias and fiery orange begonias that are in full bloom spilling over the edge. The evening sun throws a warm glow over the pretty house by the water. A little rope railed bridge crosses from it's garden where water cascades down from the upper level of the river.

The bar tonight is buzzing... food flowing courtesy of Salamandre with their popular freshly baked crispy pizza. It's not long before the Iggy’s cause a bit of a stir when Huxley mimics the sound of an excitable cockerel – according to the large ‘tiddly’ woman on the next table - as the local cat strutts by flirting with the Iggy’s stare. Unperturbed, this rather elegant tabby makes her way weaving in and out of the Parisian style café table legs like a cat walk model in a feline show. She promptly sits, her lazy stare drifting towards the Iggy’s eyeing them up as she leisurely licks her paw teasing wide-eyed Huxley & Biba. I have to put my hand around Huxley’s muzzle to restrain his high-pitched ‘crowing’.

A familiar Leeds accent grows louder as Alan approaches the bars garden acknowledging Roddy then greeting me with a hug. He looks well since we last saw him, he’s lost weight. Kim is in England he say’s and returns next week. He wanders off to order his beer following our brief chat.

A flash of gold catches my eye as I notice a camper van pull up, the roof covered with an up-turned brick red canoe. Parents of two white blonde children emerge and our dog traveller initiates conversation introducing us to an interesting couple, along with their cute french bulldog Django who is looking somewhat fetching, fashioning a strikingly colourful garland of flowers.

As our conversation rolls on from dogs to french life, I discover that danish Malene is an accomplished artist, her interesting ceramics currently reside at the V&A museum - one of my favourite haunt's - in London where she is based along with her french photographer partner Sylvain. Their holiday home is up the road somewhere near Lizant.

do have a look at their websites:



(I’m quietly excited as I am booked to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the V&A towards the end of September so hopefully will get to see Malene’s work as well.)

It’s so nice to a-quaint ourselves with new, lovely people at this little bar in the middle of nowhere in rural Charente…

As we leave, Alan nods his pint in my direction. “What you doin’ with an electric bike Ellie?!”

“Shhh!! - just need a little help up the hill out of Lizant!”

We depart, and at the top of the hill I wait patiently for Roddy on his single speed, trailing the dog carriage behind him. It’s a difficult challenge when it’s constantly shaking due to an excitable Huxley frantically trying to hump Biba inside it.

It’s good to be back...

Have you been to this little bar in Lizant? Have you been to the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the V&A?

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