'What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

It's quite difficult to drip feed a blog about cycling and yoga in France when you're not actually there to provide the holiday service just yet. We are out next month so no doubt I'll be bombarding the website with new gallery photos, updated house photos - fingers crossed our builder is to down tools in August - and there will hopefully be some exciting aerial footage of the surrounding countryside, long quiet cycle roads, villages, rivers and with a bit of luck our local stunning chateau in Verteuil-sur-Charente (permission pending) all provided by Sparky the drone.

Oh, and on the subject of Aerial, I'm currently putting together some Aerial Yoga lesson plans specifically designed for cyclists pre and post ride.

Aerial Yoga is equally both challenging and rewarding. It's not as easy as it gracefully looks when you see an experienced aerialist's routine. This unique style of Yoga was founded by Christopher Harrison when he launched Antigravity Yoga in 2007 - though he previously devised this aerial system around 1990 for a performance troupe which he directed & choreographed for the closing ceremony of the New York Marathon. It also helps theatre and circus artists stretch their limbs between performances.

So it's relatively new to the yoga world compared to the more traditional styles of Yoga. The benefits however, are amazing.

It increases core strength, lengthens your spine, it's good for grounding, helps with your balance and if headstands are your asana barrier the fabric of the hammock supports your body allowing you into your inversion with ease. In certain asanas the fabric compresses some areas of the body stimulating the lymphatic and nervous systems.

Aside the science - It's happy therapy! Remember being a small child in the park and the fun you had sitting in a swing swaying back and forth, kicking your legs out trying to fly higher and higher! Anyway, I won't waffle on but you could seriously get hooked on this...

Yesterday Roddy went out for a couple of hours cycling and when he returned I insisted he try my aerial routine to stretch out his hamstrings, quads and shoulders. The resulting verdict was a massive thumbs up - his body was really tight after being bent over the bike and this session seemed to help release tension held in his shoulder (which he has great problems with.)

...and just for fun, it's all about practice not perfection!

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