He's bought a Drone.

The ‘DJI Spark Drone’ - now affectionately known as Sparky (of course) has got him hooked... I have to admit I had preconceived ideas long before about these ‘spying eye’ intrusive contraptions - well that’s how I saw them when these flying machines first exploded onto the market.

For someone who hates travelling by air, I not only had to worry about a flock of birds committing mass suicide by flying into one of the aircraft engines in mid flight, I now had the added worry of a high flying drone interfering with the flight path causing potential devastating consequences. However, this skilful little alien style space ship with multi coloured flashing lights and big brother brains is finally winning me round. Actually it’s quite cute. Did I really say that?

I’ve realised it’s the small percentage of irresponsible owners of drones that cause the problems making headline news.

Sparky is incredibly clever in fact, particularly in alerting us if we happen to be near any flight path. Living here in Somerset we are very close to Yeovilton Airbase and Sparky will promptly react like an extremely excitable R2D2 flashing up the warning ‘MILITARY NO FLY ZONE.’

So today we are having a little practice somewhere in the middle of nowhere because I’m the one that’ll be using it mostly as Roddy will be on the bike, which is the reason for buying Sparky in the first place.

When we are in the south west of France next I’d like to attempt some interesting footage and capture the beauty of the stunning countryside surrounding La Chanson du Ciel (our french farmhouse) in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. To be able to capture a birds-eye view showing how remarkably long and quiet the roads are to cycle on could be a good approach in tempting people to stay in this wonderful region for cycle tours, holidays and some yoga.

So we are filming here today within the flats of the Somerset levels and I promise we won’t be causing any frightened horses to kick their owners off and bolt away down any country lanes…

So here's my first practice film, my enthusiasm has surpassed.

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