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I was persuaded by Roddy to put the website ‘out there’ - (‘launch’ sounds a bit too big & dramatic for a small business offering cycle holidays in France and a place to rest your head for a few nights) I was a little reluctant as we hadn’t yet finished the gîte but he thought it would give us an idea through ‘hits’ and any interest. Actually in analytical terms it has been really interesting to see people have on average, been looking at the site for around 4 mins - apparently that’s good he says! (for someone who always jokes to me saying that I’m a girl who love’s tech - I just don’t know how to use it.) Surprisingly, he’s very pleased at the outcome of my website building efforts considering I spent most of my working life as a hairdresser. Hey! maybe we should throw in cuts and highlights along with the cycling and yoga too... We have also had many returners which is good news and a big achievement for me as I’ve finally figured out that SEO’s have nothing to do with the military special forces or forensic police department and that a URL isn’t somewhere I connect my smartphone to my laptop. It’s been a fascinating learning process from someone who loves tech but doesn’t know how it works. Yes, I know, any expert Web person who may have landed here - I do need to replace many photos... hopefully next trip but at least Charente Cycling are on the map now finally after all these years... that’s a start and we also have a booking for June - Yay!

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