'Piglet' the abandoned pup.

We have numerous jobs to do... like clearing the barn for one, so after the first sorting session we head off for a dump run stopping in Condac by the river. There is a 'pull-in' area there where camper vans often have their over night stay and there's some large bins for re-cycling. We have lot's of empty bottles to get rid and are in the process of doing so, when something small, black and furry starts running towards us. OMG! it's a teeny puppy! - can't be much more than a few weeks old! Poor little baby has a flea collar on that's almost strangling him and bald patches everywhere, but he is a happy little thing wagging his tail like mad.

So what to do?? - Straight to our vet in Ruffec after knocking on a few doors close by where no-one knows who it belongs to... or, either actually seem that bothered.

We are told it happens a lot here - animals being dumped.

We nickname him 'Piglet' because of those HUGE ears. He leaves our wonderful vet after the necessary jabs, worming tablets, flea treatment and his very own passport...

We also learn that 'he' is in fact a 'she'.

She now has a little cat bell on her collar now so we can hear where she is to keep a closer eye on her.

So now the search begins to find her a forever home... in England.

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