Measure twice...

The sun is shining, the sky is a perfect shade of deep blue and it's HOT.

Malheuresement, we have work to do... inside the gite. I have to tile the shower and Roddy has to fix the shower and taps in...

When we came down last September our friend came too with his mate the amazing drill thingy that drills holes through 5' thick walls. He offered to drill the holes for us to fix the chrome shower and taps we just purchased. I then had to do a rather quick purchase of tiles so we could finish this job before heading back to the UK.

As per usual I ended up buying tiles that were okay... not what I really envisaged in this room but the trouble is, when you are doing up a house without living in it you have to get what you can sometimes or else wait until something really nice becomes 'en stock' and ready available to buy - normally when you are out of the country again. Any way these Italians tiles were yes, okay I guess and at least went with the floor tiles.

I got back and started tiling, however when Roddy came to drill the holes through them ready for the shower fitting, he couldn't. So back into Ruffec for a different drill bit. Got back. Still couldn't drill through these rock hard tiles. In the end we had to give up as we had to go back to England.

So this time Roddy was prepared... he'd ordered the correct drill bit from a tile shop in the UK to take back out.

So here we are today, in the shower room. Roddy opens the packet housing the ordered drill bit and tries to fit it to his drill. It doesn't fit. There is something small missing from the packet. The air turns the same colour of the sky for a bit here in the shower room, so he goes to Ruffec and as there doesn't seem to be any other choice of stronger drill bit on the shelf, comes back with a bit strong enough to drill through CONCRETE! Slowly, with great care he sets about tentatively drilling through these cursed Italian tiles. Yay! It works! high 5's all round!

About three hours later, my tiling and grouting job is finished and though Roddy is desperate to get the shower fixed to the wall, I make him wait till the morning.

Another morning of clear piercing blues skies up above and then another morning of blue air in the shower room mingled in with someones name...

We can't quite understand why the shower won't fit? It's knocking against the ceiling...I mean our friend actually had it to measure where the holes should be before he drilled them from the wall inside our barn. He did measure it didn't he?

Then again there is that notoriously famous saying ringing in my ears that my dad always told me... "Measure twice, cut once." Or in this case, measure twice, drill once.

So back into town now, to buy ANOTHER new shower and we're 200 Euros down.

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