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Condac - approx 7.9km

 (car - 8mins, cycle - 30mins)

Condac is a small village near Ruffec which has two restaurants. Moulin du Condac is great for a reasonably priced menu and plat du jour for lunchtime. Le Rejallant, is slightly more expensive but excellent. These restaurants both overlook La Charente river. Where Le Rejallant is located you can hire canoes by the river. It's great for families, for paddling, canoeing and


Verteuil-sur-Charente approx 10km

(car - 12mins, cycle - 40mins)

Verteuil boasts a most stunning Château. There are long river banks to walk or cycle along where you may come across some locals playing boules. There are a few little places to have a coffee or snack and there is a small gallery/gift shop/café where you can sit by the river. If you drive there is easy parking. 

Nanteuil-en-Vallée approx 6km

(car - 9mins, cycle - 22mins)

'Petite Cité de Charactère' or 'Small Town of Character' On first discovery of this little picturesque village, you may be forgiven for thinking you are wandering through the film set of 'Chocolat'. It truly is one of the sweetest little villages near our house.

Have a wander around these quiet streets on a warm afternoon where swifts swoop above and church bells chime.

There is a small convenience shop, a good restaurant (with bar at night) and a few historic interests including two churches dating back to the 15th century. There is a circular walk here around the river Argentor or perhaps you'd prefer to take a leisurely stroll around the beautifully kept arboretum. This quaint village is definitely worth a visit!

Civray approx 14km

(car - 18mins, cycle - 43mins)

Part of the Charente river wraps itself around the edge of this lovely market town which was built around the 12th century romanesque church of Saint-Nicolas. The façade of the church has numerous sculptures. As you enter this church the beauty of its interior strikes you. The walls and pillars present faded ancient murals. It's really stunning, though sadly in some need of repair.

There are some lovely walks along the river, and the outdoor swimming pool will satisfy any budding olympian!

There is a good tourist office here, cafés and shops. If you hit your visit at the right time in the summer months you may find the outdoor music festival is on...

Saint-Martin-l'ars approx 35km

(car - 34mins, cycle - 1hr 44mins)

A sweet little village where two rivers cross, this is good for fishing and walking and great for children. It has a leisure area complete with teepees. There are places to picnic and you can swim in the lake or lay in the sun on the small man-made beach. There are boats to take out on the lake and the small café there serves snacks and ice creams.

Confolens approx 35km

(car - 35mins, cycle - 1hr 55mins)

Surrounded by rolling pastoral countryside, there are many hints of  medieval times in Confolens, which was built around a fortress dating approximate 11th century. There is a stunning granite bridge - 'Old Bridge' - built around the 13th century which has 10 arches. There is an ancient spring 'Fontaine de la Fontorse' at one end of the bridge near the old tow and some religious monuments.

In August each year Confolens hosts a week long Folklore festival that attracts hundreds of performers and visitors.

Angles-sur-l'Anglin approx 100km (car - 1hr 33mins, cycle - 5hr)

As you approach this interesting little village you can't miss the ruins of the medieval castle towering above you on the hill.

The quiet waters of the river Anglin flowing beneath the grand bridge crossing through this village begs for pic-nics on the banks or perhaps a spot of fishing. This village also attracts many artists.


Angoulême approx 54km

(car - 50mins, cycle - 3hr 7mins

In the wonderful city of Angoulême the 12th century Cathedral Saint-Pierre rests in the old town. It has a beautiful carved facade in the Poitevin Romanesque style.

The magnificent surrounding views at the top of the hill stretch over the Charente Valley & river.

Like a child enjoying a treasure hunt, wandering through these narrow cobbled streets you will discover numerous cartoon murals on the city walls - some covering many huge buildings.

In the lower part of the city the National Comic Strip is a must to visit as is Angoulême museum.