Yoga as the sun rises

"You can receive as little or as much from the gift yoga gives whose wise roots stem some thousands of years back. It offers an amazing balance between body and mind - of which anyone can participate no matter what age or shape!

I first discovered Yoga over 25 years ago following a love of dance. My yoga journey soon began as I enjoyed the feeling of stretching my body like I did in those ballet classes years before.

It was only in recent years however, that I decided to deepen my own practice. I embarked on a year's foundation course with Wendy Teasdill (BWY) to increase my studies and enjoyed the learning process so much, I became eager to discover more within the depths of the vast practice of yoga.

I came across Ashtanga Vinyasa with great interest through the guidance and teachings of Jane Piddington (Senior teacher Yoga Alliance) enjoying the benefits of this more dynamic, flowing and meditative practice of asana and pranayama. I decided to take the plunge and enrol on a teacher training course with Jane at Ashtanga Yoga Glastonbury as I thought it would be nice to offer yoga alongside the cycling here in France. The course also offered the added valuable input and experience from senior teacher Brian Cooper (YA / founder - Union yoga).

A thorough learning year later I gained my 200hr teaching qualification with Yoga Alliance UK. 


Yoga continues to inspire me and Aerial is a form of Yoga that caught my fascination a few years ago after trying it out. however, it took me those years to find an accredited course where I could acquire the skills to enable me to teach it. I finally found a teacher training course through Aerial Yoga London with Richard Holroyd (Senior teacher and founder) & Agne Tumenaite (Aerial teacher) and so will be able to offer this exciting form of yoga to our guests.

I currently like to practice flowing Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Aerial Yoga and occasional Yin and teach a mixture of styles suitable for different levels of ability.

The more I come to acknowledge this wonderful practice, the more I learn about myself, and as my love and appreciation for yoga grows I continue to enjoy the on going learning process that workshops and training courses provide me.


Yoga will not only feed your body but your soul."



Ashtanga Vinyasa


Join me on the terrace as the sun rises for a session of morning yoga. A flowing sequence of sun salutations will wake your sleepy limbs, energise you and warm you up ready for that long bike ride ahead.

We will focus on elements of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series. By concentrating on Ujjayi breath, this dynamic style of yoga will link you from posture to posture heating your body and calming your mind. This practice will help increase your strength and flexibility.


Aerial Yoga

Not only does this style of Yoga build core strength, it helps with your balance and allows you to receive all the benefits of inversions whilst being supported by the silk. There are also numerous asanas where there is less weight on the joints. It also offers wonderful stretching for the body and helps elongate the spine.

Whether you're sat on a hybrid or a road bike for long periods or short, your body position with it being slightly bent over, will certainly benefit from the counter stretch that aerial yoga provides.

It is also fantastic fun and extremely therapeutic!

Yin Yoga
Yin offers a more passive approach, helping you unwind in this meditative yoga practice.
 Activities like cycling strengthen the muscles and is a considered a 'Yang' (creating heat by repetitive movement) activity.
To balance those long hours in the saddle, 'Yin' focuses 
particularly on legs, knees, sacrum, pelvis & spine. The stretches work deeper into connective tissues such as tendons, ligaments & fascia allowing the muscle time to relax to help achieve greater elasticity.
Poses are generally seated and we aim to hold for 2 mins.
This session will help release any tension that might have built up being on your bike for any length of time so this Yin session will be offered post ride.
The combination of Yang & Yin creates a good balance encouraging healthy joints.

Evening sessions will end in śavāsana (relaxation), an important part of the class, encouraging the body to release any tension and stress. It can help improve your emotional and physical well being.


Outdoor yoga sessions are currently dependant on weather conditions and need to be booked in advance. The cost per session is 7 euros