~ Flower Essences ~


This workshop allows you to explore the wonderful delights of making flower essences, using the homeopathic technique that Edward Bach used to originally create them back in the 1930's.

(My favourite, and his best known being 'Rescue Remedy.')

Blue Flower Front

In Spring through to late Summer, we can cycle out to the surrounding local countryside collecting wild flowers where, back in Moutardon I will guide you through the lovely process of how to make you own tincture using the clearest, pure water from the well in our garden. 


Our mindfully plucked flower heads will rest in the well water soaking up the warmth and rays of energy from the sun and just a few hours later, the water should be ready for you to make the 'mother essence'.


I'll then show you how to make a 'stock' essence, from which you can produce your very own flower essence specifically formulated for your emotional well being.

White Flowers

Here's what our guest Sazzie had to say ~

"When I arrived at Ellie’s and Roddy’s haven I was not very well physically and emotionally, and it was lovely to be enveloped in Ellie’s kindness. She talked to me about the healing power of flower essences which allows one to feel more alive and in touch with goals, values, and creativity. We spent some time choosing the correct essences for me and a few weeks later, I am feeling much brighter! Thanks Ellie! Xx"

Purple Flowers

This workshop costs 20 euros including a bottle of your own tincture or I can make it for you for 15 euros

Blue Flower Front