Cycle tours in conjunction with Chez les Bons

There are so many things said about social media both good and bad, here is one of the good ones...

"Purely by coincidence Adrian and I found each other through Instagram. Not only did we share a love of France but a passion for cycling. With similar backgrounds, our ethos is the same. It turns out we were also both running a carbon-copy type of business 80 miles from each other. That's where the story starts and plans started to evolve. We met for the first time in March 2018 and decided to put our cycle heads together to create cycle tours for all abilities. 

We are both ideally located to construct tours from our Farmhouse in Moutardon to Adrian’s in Chez Les Bons on the coast, thus giving visitors the best of both worlds, a bit of rural France and then a few days on the coast or vice versa. We set about planning the following routes, most of which we know. We feel there is something for everyone - if not, please don't hesitate to ask and we will endeavour to tailor a tour to your needs." 


The long haul

Not for the faint hearted, but for those who like a challenge and are experienced cyclists, we run this tour starting from Caen ferry port to the estuary of Bordeaux which is over 400 miles [over 600km] in 4 days.

Day 1 - Ferry to Nogent le Rotrou (approx 110 miles / 175km)

You will leave the ferry port and immediately head south onto the quiet rural Normandy roads, you will be cycling through Calvados country where we will soon find the river heading towards Gace. Just after Gace, we'll enter the wooded area of Normandy [Parc Naturel du Perche] - around 30 miles of stunning pine forest with the most amazing aromas and wildlife. We will finally arrive at our overnight stay in Nogent le Rotrou.

Day 2 - Nogent le Rotrou to Loches - (approx 110 miles / 175km)

As you leave Nogent you will pass the glorious Chateau Saint Jean then continue on the outskirts of the town. There, you will pass through the last few miles of the forest to the more affluent Loire where the road quality is truly fantastic. The terrain this day is mostly flat and and the ride easy yet the change in architecture, landscape and terrain make this an interesting route to Amboise where you will cross the Loire river taking in the breathtaking views of the Chateau. From there we will head towards Loches for our overnight stay.


Day 3 - Loches to Moutardon - (110 miles / 175km)

From the Loire to the Charente, you will see some of the most stunning buildings, churches, rivers, viaducts and Château’s. The terrain changes to rolling which will only increase the beauty of this day in the saddle. If you choose to do this tour around July or the beginning of August you will be surrounded by sunflowers for miles, most who have done this tour say “this is the best day of all” their words not ours, we will let you decide on that. You will arrive in Moutardon with a warm welcome to our typically french longère where we will stay for the night.

Day 4 - Moutardon to Chez Les Bons - (75 miles / 120km)

The first few miles out of Moutardon are a little up and down but nothing too challenging. You will pass through the stunning village of Verteuil-sur-Charente famed for its fresh baked Brioche. We will follow the river until we cross it heading into wine country where the local aperitif Pineau de Charente is also made. We will now be on route to Cognac where we will stop. Then a short ride takes us to Chez Les Bons, our accommodation for the night. We have 2 local restaurants to choose from one being a stunning beach front venue with fantastic food.

Day 5 & 6 - at your leisure
Day 7 return home - Fly, ferry or train

Whats included

Fully guided route
Support vehicle
6 nights accommodation
All meals
GPS route downloads
Recommend training schedule

Whats not included

Ferry to Caen
Flights, train or Ferry
Extra nights accommodation and meals (we can pre arrange this)
Energy bars and gels
Inner tubes
Bike spares
Personal insurance

There are many booking options for this trip and it can be tailored to suit, here are a few options...

Min 4/5 people
Max 8/9
The amount of people depends on male/female mix which can create a few difficulties with hotels, however we have had some couples do this event where they have shared the cycling and driving of their own car. They have also mixed and matched their fitness levels to suit who drives and who cycles. We have even had a non cycling wife who drove all the way, then they holidayed for a week on the beach. The one thing about this tour is we usually recommend you do this with a group of people you know and are of similar abilities, it is a big challenge and one where you will need to support each other and work as a team. Due to the distance on each day and including a short lunch stop you will need to be able to average a min of 14/15mph for the total distance each day.

Cost is per person based on 2 or 3 people sharing a room.

For a group of 4/5
1300 euros pp

For a group of 8/9
1150 euros pp

La Rochelle Loop

Day 1 - La Rochelle to Moutardon (approx 80miles / 130km)

As you leave La Rochelle with the sea breeze you will head east on what is mostly easy terrain, soon after your departure the roads will become much quieter and you will quickly feel very relaxed on the open French country roads. We will pass through many typical French villages; the scenery is simple, open French countryside with glimpses of deer and other wildlife. You have the option on arrival at Moutardon of various local restaurants.

Day 2 - Moutardon to Chez Les Bons (approx 75miles / 120km)

The first few miles out of Moutardon are a little up and down but nothing too challenging. You will pass through the stunning village of Verteuil-sur-Charente famed for its fresh baked Brioche. We will follow the river until we cross it heading into wine country and also pineau de charente which is the local aperitif. We are now on the road to Congnac where we will stop, a short ride to Chez Les Bons, our accommodation for the night. We have 2 local restaurants to choose from one being a stunning beach front with fantastic food. 



Day 3 - Chez Les Bons to La Rochelle (54 miles / 88km)

As you leave the tranquillity of Chez Les Bons you will head north through the amazing flat salt marshes of the Charente Maritime, you will see some great coastal wildlife including Herons. Next, on to the amazing citadel of Brouage, from there to Rochefort. We will continue along the coast to Châtelaillon-Plage, where there are some great sea views, we will then amble along to La Rochelle.


Whats included

Fully guided rides with Support vehicle 

2 Nights accommodation 

What’s not included

La Rochelle hotel

Flights & Transfers (though possible airport collection by prior arrangement)

Bikes, but hire can be arranged 

Packages for this tour

Full board = all meals  TBC

Half board = breakfast and lunch TBC

Luxury = Includes everything Price on application

More routes added soon!...